Field Force Automation for Pharmaceutical Distribution - Redefined!

Pharmaceutical distribution involves procurement, including imports at times, from the OEMs, storage in carefully maintained and controlled infrastructure and distribution to downstream entities such as wholesale Pharmacies,  Hospitals, Institutions and at times even to retail pharmacies.

Getting the pharmaceutical products to the last point in the supply chain- the retail pharmacies in a timely manner and managing the batch control along the supply chain are the critical facets that keep the Distributors anxious at various times. Added to this is the need to have the Doctors and Medical practitioners aware of the products and the benefits that would enable them to prescribe the products.

Ksfa from Kāladi Consulting elegantly and conclusively takes care of these needs and ensures Distributors business grows manifold through efficient and timely order fulfilment.

The Mobile App

Ksfa runs on Android mobile from 5” display to 10” Tabs. It has been developed over the past ten years and is on its sixth release. Each release has seen the application getting richer with functionality based on actual field experiences and learning from implementation.

Today, the app is used by over 2,000 Sales and Medical Representatives across seven companies in West Africa. The app is used by Distributors representing global brands such GSK, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, J&J, Novartis, Roche to name a few. These Distributors have experienced significant improvement in their order fulfilment, accuracy of information, sales, collections and reduced customer returns owing to effective batch control.

Key Features

 The app helps the sales representative in:

In addition, the app helps the sales representative maintain the field expenses and have them easily and seamlessly reviewed and reimbursed from the back-end.

The app also helps Medical Representatives in their visits to Doctors by


Ksfa can be implemented in 4-6 weeks for a company with hundreds of products and 50-100 Sales and Medical representatives.

Furthermore, if you are looking to implement Field Force Automation and require a consultation on the licenses or implementation, send us an email at sales@kaladi.in. We will get back to you within one business day.

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