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Kāladi’s mDistributor for Distribution Sectors

A mobile application developed to enrich the sales for a distributor or stockists. A distributor is a third-party customer who distributes the product to the customer. A distributor can order products based on the customers’ needs. A real-time view of the Distributor’s stock, which helps in ordering stock and replenishment functionality with personalized reorder policies and business rules.

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Based on the replenishment rules the application helps the distributor to place orders with the Manufacturer or the Master distributor into their Supply chain system and using their Price list and prevailing schemes. The order status can be tracked with the app getting regular updates from the Manufacturer or Master Distributor’s ERP system.

Features of mDistributor

The mDistributor program is designed to deliver the products to customers through the distributor. It is linked to ERP (Backend) software. The mDistributor administrator must validate the tab assigned to the distributor. User details and company details are only updated after configuring the tab. The application obtains details from ERP after the confirmation tab. setup. Then, the user logs in to the application for booking order and view the stock of all the products.

Apart from delivery and stock management, an additional feature is to display the customer ledger to monitor customer-distributor transactions. The framework allows the feedback to be obtained in various categories such as dealer, about the goods, services provided, etc. A survey can be conducted to the customers / retail shop owners for improving the business.

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