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Supply Chain Collaboration is the extension of supply chain information and capabilities to all trading partners in a supply network. It is the real-time collaborative digital exchange of planning/forecasting, purchasing, inventory fulfillment, and payment transactions between buyers and suppliers to improve traceability and end-to-end visibility of supply chain operations.

Oracle Collaboration , Oracle Erp Implementation
Need of Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply chain collaboration is one of the important things to running a business successfully in today’s growing economy of e-commerce and in an omnichannel environment, and supply chain managers and procurement professionals must collaborate for these following reasons:

Capabilities of Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud

The Oracle SCC cloud has in-built functionalities like:

Oracle Collaboration , Oracle Erp Implementation
Multi-tier Collaboration & Visibility

Oracle SCC digitally synchronize the upstream of supply from multiple tiers of external organizations, this includes:

The holistic visibility across tiers ensures quick actions against upstream supply chain disruptions and it will minimise the downstream disruptions by including this supply information in multi-tier supply plans.

Oracle Collaboration , Oracle Erp Implementation
Supply Data uploads

As cloud UI and REST service that allows external manufacturer and enterprise users to upload and monitor the status of each supply data request.

Oracle Collaboration , Oracle Erp Implementation
Planning Setups for SCC
Planning Details for SCC

Internal and External Organizations can be planned in a single supply plan.

Benefits of Supply Chain Collaboration

Digitally connected supply chain
Improved Efficiency
Partner responsiveness

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