Oracle Learning Cloud


In today’s scenario, most organizations are focussing on building capabilities and enabling their employee to upskill in relevant areas. In the competitive business environment, it is the organizations with better and relevant skills that succeed. And this is true across industries and domains.

Banks need their employees to be trained well on their processes to  ensure efficient and cost effective customer engagement, Manufacturers need their workmen to be trained on the relevant operations and quality objectives, IT & ITES companies have to constantly up-skill and cross train employees to be able to offer solutions across a wide range of technologies, FMCG companies need to continuously train their field force on assortments, product messaging and the like. And organizations are increasingly spread across geographies and hence need a learning solution that can cater to scores of diverse employees across various locations.

Enter Oracle Learning Cloud! A cutting edge, Learning Management Solution (LMS) on cloud with unmatched depth in features and functionality and ease of use that makes on-boarding the solution a breeze!

Works with Any HCM Solution

Enables Various Methodologies for Learning

Oracle Learning Cloud modules take care of all the training needs and helps the organization track, control and manage the overall learning process. It encompasses all training methodologies such as blended learning, classroom learning and online training. The learning module also includes social learning, where specific employees designated as subject matter experts can share knowledge with other users. Subject matter experts create their own content in a variety of media formats, such as video, images and documents. They can either share it privately with specific users or publicly with the whole Organisation

Aligns Learning to Performance and Role Expectations

Reporting Managers can also assign specific learning paths or training programs to their employees based on the employee’s performance or job role requirements. Within the dashboard, managers can set deadlines for completing those courses and track employees’ learning progress. They can also run real-time reports on learner engagement and other metrics.

Learning Dashboard

Learning dashboard for employees gives a complete snapshot of the learning courses / programs that employees are a part of and the progress of the employees in these programs.

Learning dashboard for managers gives a snapshot of the learning progress for all their direct reportees.

Employees who need to renew their certifications for compliance purposes receive automatic alerts that the certifications are up for renewal, as well as any assignments they need to complete. Those assignments can be set up by the administrator that is based on the company’s processes.

Mobile Enabled

Apart from this, there is also an Oracle mobile application where learners and managers access learning plans and other features. It includes a recommendation engine that analyses the learner’s profile and learning history to provide personalized additional learning recommendations.


In addition, Oracle provides the Transactional BI report that gives the flexibility to report on any learning activity. Custom Oracle BI publisher reports can be developed to meet customer specific requirements.

OLC - Advantages

Onboard in 6 weeks!

ennVee is an Oracle Gold Partner with deep skills and extensive experience in implementing and supporting Oracle Fusion HCM.

ennVee will enable your Oracle Learning Cloud and get your organization started with the initial set of programs within 6 weeks!

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