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Oracle EBS Upgrade

It’s time to upgrade Oracle EBS from 11i & 12.1 to 12.2

Organizations currently operating Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 11i or 12.1 versions must have heard about Oracle ceasing support for these versions by next December 2021. It is time to focus on upgrade to EBS12.2 or migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Oracle Upgrade

In this blog, we showcase the reasons to upgrade and challenges/setbacks in sustaining support.

Support Stages Offered by Oracle

Oracle Upgrade
Premier Support

The initial support stage, which spans five years from the Oracle EBS product’s general availability. This includes general support, such as critical patch updates, security alerts and technical support, to name a few.

Extended Support

An optional, secondary support stage wherein customers can pay a fee to experience ‘Premier-like’ support for three additional years beyond the end of Premier Support.

Sustaining Support

The last stage of support, after Premier has ended and Extended has either expired or is no longer offered; offers technical support, access to content (e.g. critical patch updates) produced during the Premier stage, and other limited support features intended to help maintain or “sustain” a platform.


End of Support
Productivity & Efficiency
Challenges in Sustaining Support

Sustaining support does not include,

Productivity & Efficiency

Continuous Innovation release model

Oracle planned and separated the technology stack updates from application code updates. It allows customers to retain their application code level, while they are upgrading the tech stack. Customers reap the benefits of new application functionalities without disturbing their existing tech stack to the latest level. There will not be EBS release 12.3, instead 12.2.x will have the release in a continuous innovation model.

Oracle Upgrade

12.2 Patching Cycle – Online Patching

Oracle Upgrade

Benefits of upgrading to 12.2

Intuitive Look, Feel, and Experience
Business Value Increased Through Enhancements
Downtime Greatly Reduced Through Online Patching
Technical Improvements

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