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Bringing efficiencies to third party transactions Interface-an RPA solution

An automated task bot can manage most repetitive tasks involving structured data, it is unable to handle a vast amount of semi-structured or unstructured data (dark data).

To be precise, let’s take an example of the sales invoice and Inventory transfer creation by Bots in SAP.

Bot constantly monitor E-Mail on a scheduled basis where payment receipt notes, invoice notes, stock issue notes transfer inward, stock receipt notes and transfer outward documents in PDF format (Dark data). Here is the challenge that BOT should readout and extract the information visible on the PDF documents. After extraction of key information from each document, BOT should access to the backend SAP database for validating the available data. Upon confirmation from business users, Bots create sales invoice entries or Inventory transfer respectively in SAP.

However, all the challenges in data migration automation cannot be addressed by the current RPA technology. It’s here the IQ Bot comes in. It allows an organization to automate processes that involve fields and patterns that are human-centered. Due to human training through the feedback loop, IQ Bot is more accurate; it is also quicker and practically foolproof. It also reduces the cost of human labor.

IQ Bot aims to deliver automation using cognitive technology that reads and processes dark data while improving skills and performance through learning from working people.

Importance of Cognitive Automation on Business Process – IQ Bots

What Makes IQ Bot Unique?

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