nth level Assembly BOM explosion/detailed report

Problem Statement

A sort of Large Equipment based Automation & Solution implementation company in assembling, manufacturing, implementation, and multi-vendors dealing for sub-assemblies & raw for all intents and purposes material provision basically had a pain area where the customer need to a purchase forecast report that should really give a BOM explosion view of an kind of open Sales Orders with fairly more than 1000+ line items and in addition to that they also literally wanted to actually get the wholistic view of the definitely multiple add-on information for each line items to support their planning process, which is quite significant.

ennVee Solution

ennVee has developed a downloadable Excel Report with the support of a well-known data structure logic of Recursive Functional Loop that has been developed with the Server-side Suite Script to do a detailed level of BOM explosion programmatically so that any number of Assemblies and Item groups present in the Sales Orders could be drilled down from 1st level to nth level in the BOM hierarchy and all the sub-elements could be fetched off for the display.

In addition to this, this report would also inform the following add-on details to the customer pertains to each exploded line item to facilitate their planning and delivery process

This report could be run easily from a custom Suitlet page and pass on the list of parameters. With this Report the customer could effectively understand all the materials on-demand, purchase forecasting for single or set of open Sales orders that are pending to be fulfilled to the detailed level of sub-products and raw-materials to build assemblies and sub-assemblies.

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