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Create and Update Quotation, Sales Orders & Sales Invoices with 3000+ lines

Kāladi Consulting developed and implemented a custom solution along with NetSuite features to resolve a major concern with regards to handling quotation, sales order, sales invoice, and order fulfilment with 1000+ line items from front end GUI window.


Gartech Equipment Pvt Ltd is a leading name in the Poultry Equipment Manufacturing industry in India.

Problem Statement

Kāladi Solution

Kāladi Consulting designed and developed a custom solution to address the above-mentioned concerns.

A custom Suitlet based page was built that enabled the customer to seamlessly either upload or create a basic quote/sales order with high-level item groups and assemblies alone. At this point, the background engine would automatically conduct a detailed BOM explosion to identify all the sub-products/items as part of these assemblies/item groups based on the latest revision. This allowed them to automatically generate quote or sales order with 1000+ line items.

In addition to this, the solution also provided a separate window, another Suitelet page, where the customer could query the existing quotes, sales order, or customer invoices with 1000+ items. It let the customer to do selective update of specific line items with the ease of search parameters, and even add more line items or remove the existing one as an amendment without any hurdles or wasting time.

Thus, the solution effectively resolved the concerns involved with handling record types with 1000+ line items/product lines starting from quotation to sales order, order to customer invoices, and order to order fulfilment in a complete O2C life cycle.

The solution is equipped to seamlessly support creation of Quotation or Sales Order with even 3000+ line items to respond to the customer’s future cost management and demand-based production initiatives.

Leveraged Features of NetSuite

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