Oracle CX Sales Implementation for Westfield

ennVee implemented Oracle CX Sales for Westfield Energy Resources Limited who wanted to approach sales management through a more sophisticated process to drive best customer experiences.


Westfield Energy Resources Limited is a Nigeria based leading integrated energy services and solutions provider. Westfield operates across the entire upstream Oil & Gas, Power, and Infrastructure value chain. They engage in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI), Commissioning, Start-up Services and Project Management.

Business Needs

Westfield was following a traditional approach to sales and customer relationship. They have been sensing a need to update their process to a world class solution to support their growth. They identified that their business needed a separate customer experience platform that is robust and user-friendly. Their key expectation was to be able to manage their customer data effectively

ennVee Solution

Service Categories: CX Sales Module from the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience Solution was implemented covering their four service categories of Turnkey Projects, Engineering Services, Procurement Services, Manpower Supply and Field Services.

Features Configured: Based on the sales process, the features configured from the Module were sales performance management, sales account data quality and enrichment, customer data management and unified customer intelligence.

Sales Method: The Standard sales method approach was configured for each of the service categories. The Sales process was set for each category based on specific requirements.

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The key activities added in the Sales Pipeline

Resource Hierarchy: The fundamentals of Sales Resource Hierarchy were defined and configured. Roles hierarchy signify the privilege-based access allocated to each role. For instance, Business Development (BD) Manager can access activities undertaken by BD Team member towards a lead or opportunity. This supports continuous monitoring against the plan.

Account Management: Accounts are classified into Prospects and Customers. Each account is assigned a BD Team member.

Lead Management: Leads generated by the BD Team are collated from different sources and categorized. There is a provision to add notes, activities, calendar events, tasks & appointments for each contact. The lead qualification is based on the template designed for each service category. Leads are prioritized based on the score derived from the predefined assessment by the BD Team. These questions in the assessment are set based on the business requirement.

Opportunity Management: Based on the assessment, the lead turns into an Opportunity. At this stage there is a mandatory opportunity assessment which the BD team must complete to move the opportunity forward in the stages as mentioned below. The Assessment questionnaires are tailor-made for each service category. An Opportunity Win probability appears for each account.

The stages in Opportunity Management are,

1) Expression of Interest

2) Pre-Qualification

3) Technical Invitation to Tender

4) Commercial Invitation to Tender

5) Request for Quotation

Sales Coach: This feature in Opportunity will help BD Team to take a decision during each stage. This feature within each stage will guide the BD Team with organization’s best-practice information. In addition to this, different supporting documents and templates can be provided here.

Won or Lost: An opportunity can be declared Won or Lost. Reasons for the same can be added for reporting and analysis purposes. A sale order can be generated for a Won Opportunity.

Dashboard: The customer did not want to go ahead with just the by-default infolet option. They wanted to have a look at the key parameters on the dashboard. Thereby the dashboard was customized to display the prominent reports as shown in the image below.

Reports: Reports are customized to suit specific requirements from Westfield. Few custom-made reports are lead status report, opportunity status report, sales representative wise lead closure report and stage wise opportunities report.

Benefits to the Customer:

Customer Data Management: All stakeholders get access to a single view of each customer in terms of status of the lead and the activities undertaken at each stage.

Sales & Post-Sales Process Automation: The entire process that a lead goes through is automated. Each stage, activity at each lead and opportunity stage and closure is configured to avoid any deviation.

CX Platform: Customer now has a separate platform where data, process and application are connected at a unified platform with desired reports and analytics.

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