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Improving user adoption with mobile apps for Oracle HRMS (in association with Optisol)

Kāladi Consulting, in association with partner Optisol who built mobile applications on native iOS and Android platforms, built interfaces for Oracle EBS to increase user adoption for the HRMS module.


Power International Holding consists of a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning five key sectors in Qatar including design and construction, industry, service, retail and hospitality, and real estate.

Business Needs

Power International Holding was using the web-based Oracle e-business suite 12.2.5 Human Resources Management System (HRMS) module. They needed to improve user adoption and patronage.

Kāladi Solution

To enable wider and more engaged adoption of the HRMS solution, Kāladi delivered the following.

Solution Details

Kāladi Consulting built the complete interface and business logic for integrating the mobile applications with Oracle EBS to enable employees to use the HRMS module from their mobile phones. Key functionalities such as leave requests, approvals, email notifications, user access control etc., were included in the application.


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In order to keep it secure, we ensured that the application can be accessed by employees and management staff alone. Access permissions were picked up from EBS itself to avoid redundancies.

We enabled access for all employees to raise requests for themselves. In addition, managers and HR had permissions to submit any request on behalf of an employee.

Each workflow would be initiated at the Oracle Server (using Workflow API) upon submission of the related request from the mobile app. The workflow would send out the approval notification (as per the existing template) to the downstream approvers over email. This notification could be either approved or rejected from the email directly. The mobile app had the mechanism where a notification will be triggered for the approver and they will be able to approve via the mobile app.

The mobile app did not have any local database and did not work in offline mode. All data was retrieved and stored in Oracle EBS 12.X database. The application had a caching mechanism and approach for any workflow (leave request or other requests) at the server side.


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