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Microsoft Dynamic NAV Support for Large Retail Company Africa Lifestyle Limited

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Africa Lifestyle Limited operates retail stores in 7 different countries in African region. Africa Lifestyle Limited is dedicated to establishing a world class retail platform to deliver quality apparel, accessory, and beauty brands to customers across African countries.


The Data export from the NAV table was tedious process. There are 7 entities from where the data will be coming every day. The User would switch across every company to fetch the stocks and sales & collection data which results in ultimate time loss.

The Data size is huge to export. So, the time consumption was too much. In other perspective the data sharing also limited by the in-built facilities provided by NAV. Every Business medium use excel as their primary tool for slice and dice the data. Their expectation is to extract the sales and inventory data into excel for data analysis and sharing without switching from one entity to another in Nav application.

ennVee Solution

The primary option for exporting the data to excel. The Excel has various features like ODBC connector, from web, etc., for connecting external systems and integrating data. We connect the Nav from Excel through native OData feed functionality to get sales, collection, and stocks data.

The NAV Development environment gives an option for creating NAV Query. This gives the option for user to select the specific data fields from various tables to create the dataset with required columns.

Once dataset is created, it needs to be published in Nav webservices and link would be generated.

User will open the excel and entered the published link under OData feed section and entered the required credentials to access the Nav data in Excel. The data will be loaded into excel.

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This loading of data is one time process and consumes less time compared to the earlier methods of direct accessing of data from NAV. User would make pivot to slice and dice the data and save the excel. It is not required to create the entire excel on daily basis, user can open the same excel and click the Refresh button this will append the incremental sales and collection data from Nav to the excel sheet within few seconds for all the 7 entities.

This allows Africa Lifestyle limited to continue to adhere to the high standards of the stock and sales analysis more efficiently.

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