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Auto Generation of Invoices in SAP


Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a private indigenous Pharma manufacturing group founded in 1984 by Dr. Stella C. Okoli, OON. From a humble beginning as a retail chemist’s shop in January 1977 with one of Nigeria’s most respected, indigenous multi-billion-naira pharmaceutical companies today, they have come a long way. Today, they manufacture over 140 high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical consumables.

Business Needs

Emzor distributes goods through MDS throughout the country from 15 depots. MDS has its own ERP program that is used to process transactions and stock management, and this software is used for other MDS customers.

MDS sends transaction and summary data from the depots to Emzor on a daily and weekly basis. These transactions – Sales and Stock transfer reach Emzor as email attachments. While the emails, mostly come on time as per schedule, at times Emzor must remind and follow-up to get the emails. The emails are sent to specific IDs (of Emzor’s executives) mapped to various depots. A team of 5 handles this at Emzor. Once the emails are received the attachments are downloaded, reviewed, reconciled with summary, errors corrected and then data entered into Emzor’s ERP (SAP B1).

In summary: Emzor Pharmaceuticals needed a solution to deal with erroneous results, manual errors, increased time consumption and costs in order to be more effective.

Kāladi Solution

Emzor chooses Automation Anywhere, to simplify the process of setting up parameters for the analysis. Experts from Automation Anywhere helped them identify the criteria necessary and offered an end-to-end solution.

Working from a higher level, Kāladi Consulting RPA experts first mapped out the complete requirements. All data collected from the MDS system via mail was extracted and stored in the excel files. Each file is taken and analyzed with a certain set of parameters to be decided by the SAP users. The results are then transferred to Excel and certain other reports are generated on the data collected for MIS and then creating the respective transaction entry in SAP B1. Experts validated the entry of requirements using Automation Anywhere’s Technology and generated various types of reports.

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The entire task required data from several mail attachments, over 90 controls, over 250 keystrokes. The task would take data from the excel file, analyze it and If no error found then it transfers the results to success log excel if any error found needs user intervention to update and then it will be moved to success log. Bots start reading the success file and make the appropriate entry (Transfers, Sales invoice, Payment receipts) in SAP. We interfaced with SAP B1 and now doing it with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.

Business outcomes

Emzor Pharmaceuticals realizes several benefits of automating its ERP Process and analysis processes using Automation Anywhere:

Overall, for Kaladi Consulting, this was a significant achievement. Emzor Pharmaceuticals could leverage Automation Anywhere to use their MDS data to the fullest, allowing for more accurate, cost, time and resource-effective analysis. This allows Emzor to continue to adhere to the high standards of the stock and sales analysis more efficiently.

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