Vendor management enhancement for TATA power SED


TATA Power SED, a strategic engineering and defence equipment manufacturing organization, part of the renowned TATA group in India. The Tata Power Company Limited through its Strategic Engineering Division (Tata Power SED) has been a leading private-sector player in the indigenous Design, Development, Production, Integration, Supply and Life-cycle Support of mission critical Defence Systems of Strategic importance.

Business Needs

TATA Power SED in India, was looking for a fool proof solution to handle various activities pertaining to their Vendor Management, Procurement and Quality. Since they are in association with the defence organization of India, they needed a solution to tighten their procurement and vendor management process. 

ennVee Solution

KProcure, a signatory solution from ennVee was leveraged to meet requirements of their procurement cycle. 

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As an Integrated solution, KProcure, formed a single common Platform for both the TATA inhouse team and external Suppliers. TATA Inhouse team comprises of various stake holders  as listed below and all their process  as above-mentioned were synchronized and orchestrated in this single platform.


Supplier Onboarding:
New Supplier Onboarding became a seamless and easy task as this platform takes care of the following functionalities
RFQ Process Automation:
TPS (Tata Power SED) has a simplistic way of raising their new RFQs via this platform and share the details about the RFQ online with multiple Suppliers. This area covers the following functionalities
Supplier Shortlisting:
Supplier Shortlisting on a specific RFQ happened to be the most efficient process with the transparency and controls imposed by this platform. It covers the following functionalities

Follow-up with Vendor & Inspection:
One of the challenging tasks with the industry that outsources parts manufacturing is to understand the latest stage of progress of various quantities and eliminate mistakes in the parts manufacturing compared to its original design.

Follow-up is a salient feature in this platform which helps any organization to determine the list of stages to be inspected during outsource manufacturing and enables supplier to call for inspection during those stages and eliminates the possibility of major quality issues at the place of manufacturing itself and avoids delay in the delivery.

It covers the following functionalities

Inspection Calls:
With provision available in this Platform various set of people such as Buyer department, Supplier, Inventory Department could raise for Inspection calls, which could be approved and allocated by Quality department and with the Support of Quality Inspectors the Inspection could be completed and tracked to its granular level.

It covers the following functionalities

Supplier Audits:
One of the Key task in the Vendor Management is to have a Periodic Audit conducted with the existing Set of Suppliers and have them measured against set of key parameters or performance indicators.

Supplier Audit feature in this Platform enables to have a Detailed Audit conducted for various type of Suppliers with the provision to create Various Templates of KPIs, score them against the KPI and raise the Performance Improvement suggestion to the Supplier against the KPI where the supplier is lagging. These Performance Improvements are communicated to the corresponding supplier online and the Supplier could review and acknowledge the same. In addition, the Supplier should be raise back to the Organization when they are done away with the specific improvement points and the same could be re-audited by the organization and closed.

It covers the following set of functionalities

Implementing Kprocure for TATA power SED was a challenging experience for ennVee, with the support from functional and technical subject matter experts we were able to enhance vendor management and procurement seamlessly.

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