NetSuite SuiteCommerce


The rise of digitalization has transformed the ecommerce landscape making everything easier and convenient for the customers. But then, what about the ecommerce companies? Well, for them things are only getting more challenging

What is Oracle SCM?


A recent survey by Oracle with 1000 US consumers reported that 82% of them fear that the disruptions in global supply chain will affect their life plans. Close to 92% add that they are skeptical if things would only get worse. These worries are bound to baffle people, especially when a holiday season is around the corner.

NetSuite Industry Solutions


NetSuite has been helping organizations grow, scale, and adopt to change for the past 20 years. NetSuite’s ERP has been catering to organizations across industries in unlocking growth by way of delivering visibility, control, and agility.

NetSuite for Small Business


Small businesses have varied and hectic daily operations. Many of these operations are supported with spreadsheets…

Oracle Cloud HCM


Oracle Cloud HCM Features, Benefits and Latest developments HR enthusiasts globally are in pursuit of having connected employees in their team. Connected employees are engaged employees, who are fully involved, enthusiastic and inclined to work towards furthering the organization’s interest. Organizations need the right strategy, right information, and the right system to approach modern HR […]

Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle ERP Enterprise Resource Planning As businesses grow, they reach a critical point where spreadsheets and manual data movement deem insufficient. With additional departments, functionalities, and the need to address complex workflows, there is a loud call for a software solution that can collect, organize key information, and share relevant, intelligent insights for lean and […]

NetSuite for Retail Industry


Retailers struggle with attracting and retaining customers, keeping up with their ever-changing expectations, delivering a delightful shopping experience…

Accounting Software to NetSuite

Accounting Software to NetSuite

Five Reasons to move from your Accounting Software to NetSuite. Globally, businesses start by using entry-level software to support their core functionalities especially accounting, finance, inventory and human resources.

Migrating to Fusion

Oracle Fusion Migrating from Oracle EBS to Fusion Cloud Companies globally are contemplating moving from on-premise software from the legacy side to the cloud. Cost of ownership is a major concern experienced by users of on-premise software like E-Business Suite. This journey of migrating-to-cloud needs harmonizing of processes. However, working towards an ideal migration plan […]