Enterprises today face a heady combination of market pressures — immense competition, increasing customer expectations and stringent regulations. The only sure-shot way to forge success in such an environment is to leverage technology.

We are an enterprise technology company. We build, integrate, implement and manage enterprise tech — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) i.e. Oracle EBS & Fusion Cloud solutions, MS Dynamics/Navision, Retail, SFA, RPA and BI solutions for organizations across the globe.

Our practice areas

Oracle Fusion Cloud and EBS

For the last 30 years, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) has been a sought-after set of business applications among enterprises worldwide, especially of interest to manufacturing / distribution businesses.

Oracle offerings

Implementation & Rollout


Development of add-on applications

Enterprise Integration with SFA, BI & Web Solutions

Application Maintenance

Database Administration

Business cycle coverage

Oracle EBS Implementation


ennVee provides full-life cycle SAP AMS, spanning the entire continuum from upfront advisory services through to application optimization and innovation. We leverage deep SAP specialization from our industry, technical, and functional competency centers to deliver differentiated AMS results to our clients.


In order to make the enterprise systems meaningful and relevant to the management, it is critical that Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are also implemented to extract data from the enterprise systems, analyze, and slice and dice the data and present intuitive dashboards with requisite business insights.

BI offerings

Data Extraction (Oracle EBS, Fusion Cloud, SAP)

Dashboard Design

BI Deployment

Continuous Enhancement


An early adopter of mobile technologies, our SFA offerings (in its 6th release) has gained an industry traction in the FMCG & Pharma distribution business. With over 600 sales representatives using our solution across two geographies on a day to day basis, the app has become enriched with industry-leading features and functionalities.

SFA offerings

Salesorder Management

Van Sales

Distribution Management

Medical Representative Automation

Sales Activity & Movement Tracker

Business cycle coverage

Our customers

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