Provides instant information on a vehicle- its maintenance status, its fitness, certification insurance and their renewals, its usage, its costs and also tracks on a daily basis its movement, mileage and idle hours.


Kfleet is an enterprise grade, scalable web application that helps organizations track their large fleet of vehicles and manage their deployment, use while optimizing on costs of maintaining the fleet.

Kfleet integrates with any ERP solution (Capital purchases, AP, Cash management, GL) including Asset management.


Vehicle Allocation

Kfleet solution facilitates easy allocation of vehicles and ensures data integrity

Vehicle Expenses

Keep track of vehicle expenses and accurately manages transactions

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance of your vehicles has never been so easy. Helps keep your fleet in the best condition

Driver Management

Track the behaviour of your drivers and reduce excessive idle time. Improve efficiency in the long run

Manage Complaints

Manage and resolve complaints for better and desired efficiency

Job Order

Generate, organize and keep track of the job orders. Ensures SLA and efficiencies


Get up-to date insights and analytics of your fleet management across all metrics

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